The Founder


The foundation of LINJA came from a true passion for the world of shoes! Ever since I was a small child, I had a genuine obsession with my mother's shoe closet. But my desire to create didn't become an actual reality until I was running the tail end of my corporate career, mainly in uncomfortable heels and office suit attire.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, living in Amsterdam and working in a fast-paced corporate job I realized both a dream and a hole in the footwear market. Regardless of the fact I traveled to work on a bike, with heels - I was actually frustrated that there weren't any legitimate, intelligently-designed comfortable high heels.

So I decided to learn for myself and after the finest footwear craftsmen taught me the art of shoemaking, I knew there was a space to create a more thoughtful and innovative approach to comfortable heels.

To develop this innovation, I joined forces with a 2nd generation orthopaedic shoemakers and Italy's finest footwear craftsmen. Over the following 2 years, I would struggle with my team, I wanted to get it right, but I was working against tradition, but I pushed until we got to the perfect LINJA comfort balanced with a classic heel style. We worked on creating a better overall walking experience, from the padding to the grip to the placement of the heel. Then finally, with the extremely positive feedback from a targeted focus group of real women who wear heels on a daily basis - I felt ready to start the next step - sharing them with the world.

Now I'm happy to say LINJA is growing, we’re able to listen to our client's feedback, develop limited seasonal collections and stabilize our classic black collection to help women build a shoe collection that will last them a comfortable lifetime.

Launching LINJA is a dream now realized. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to build relationships with women that wear my shoes, listen to their needs and hopefully make their LINJA experience powerful, stylish and comfortable.